On the river in 3… 2…?

We have been busy behind the scenes over the winter, and South Bend Community Rowing has submitted all the required paperwork to obtain our 501(c)3 status. Thanks to Jill, Dan and the ND Law Clinic for making that happen!

We have also been working on plans for a variety of programs and the descriptions and schedules of those are now firming up. We hope we will see new faces at our Open House on 4/21/18, Return-to-Row starting the week of April 23, and Intro-to-Rowing on Saturdays from May 12 through June 2.

Our return to the water is being delayed slightly because of the recent return of cold weather. Our safety procedures require that we row accompanied by a launch if the water temperature is below 60°. As of April 8, 2018, the temperature has descended back to 41.5°.  Even with a launch, we would like to have water temperatures near or in the 50s.

I look forward to seeing returning masters rowers along with new rowers at our other programs during the season.

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