Sign Your 2019 US Rowing Waiver by 12-31-2018

US Rowing requires its members to sign a waiver when applying for and renewing membership. The waiver expires on December 31 each year, while the membership expires 365 days after you join. So, while your membership may expire in June of 2019, all waivers expire on December 31, 2018. (The waiver will be required again when you renew.)

If you have not signed the online US Rowing waiver, you cannot compete in US Rowing sanctioned events. In addition, you will not be covered by our US Rowing organization insurance, which means you cannot participate with our local organization in any way.

To sign your waiver, go the US Rowing Membership page.  On the  Individuals side of the page, hover the mouse over Members, then select Sign Waiver from the drop down box. You will need your member number and password.  Follow the instructions and submit your waiver. It’s not a lengthy process.

If you have any questions, problems, or need your membership number, contact me at crew@sbcrowing.

Remember, your waiver expires December 31.

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