Introduction to Rowing, May 4th

2019-05-04 Intro 2South Bend Community Rowing held the first of  four Introduction to Rowing sessions being held during the month of May.  Participants spent the first  hour of the session on shore learning fundamentals from coach Jill DeLucia.  This included spending a significant amount of time on Concept 2 rowing machines learning the proper rowing stroke.

2019-05-04 Intro 3Participants then were introduced to the components and positions in a racing shell.  After being shown the most important thing to know,  how to get in and out of the shell, it was on to the water.  Intro to Rowing 5-4-2019Rowers got to spend an hour on the river being coached by Matt Foster.  Masters rowers occupied four of the seats in the 8 person shell to provide stability and support.

Despite the recent bad weather, we had a successful and enjoyable day. Thanks to all who participated.

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