2021 Season Update

As we enter the second year of the pandemic, the South Bend Community Rowing Executive Committee has begun formulating plans for a 2021 rowing season. Safety is the driving force behind our current discussions, the plans that we put into place, and the adjustments we will make along the way. Our planning relies heavily upon guidelines endorsed by our national organization, U.S. Rowing, as well as CDC, state, and local requirements. Please keep in mind that while the information in this post represents the Executive Committee’s current view of what is possible, all plans are subject to change based on a variety of factors related to the pandemic.

Masters Rowing: Masters Rowing is for experienced rowers, and our season usually runs from late April to late October. In 2021, we hope to begin Masters Rowing sometime in May, although how that will look is still under consideration. To be considered a Masters rower, you must have completed a year of Novice Rowing or have previous rowing experience. If you are interested in joining our Masters program please contact us via email at crew@sbcrowing.org.

Rowing 101: In a typical season, we hold a four-hour introductory rowing class each Saturday in May. Unfortunately, we will not sponsor Rowing 101 classes in 2021. While these sessions are popular, it is not possible to safely hold them in May this year. We are confident these classes will return in 2022.

Learn to Row: While we usually hold a three-week Learn to Row course in June, we have not yet determined whether we will be able to offer Learn to Row in 2021. We hope to make a determination or provide an update by April 1st, and those individuals who expressed interest via our email list will be notified once a final determination is made.

Novice Rowing: In a typical year, Novice Rowing is an option for those who participated in Learn to Row and usually runs from July to early October for those who participated in Learn-to-Row. Because completion of the Learn to Row program is required prior to participation, Novice Rowing is dependent upon our ability to sponsor a Learn to Row program.

Coxswain Development: We will be sponsoring a class for prospective coxswains sometime in April, with specific dates to be determined. There is no cost to participate in this program. If interested, please contact us at crew@sbcrowing.org.

As stated, this information reflects the committee’s thinking at this time. We expect changes to occur as we head toward spring. Hopefully, they will be positive.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Dan Pawelski, President – South Bend Community Rowing, Ind.

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  1. Hello! I sent a form to express my interest in learning to row or training to be a coxswain. I am just checking to see if there are any updates as to when either of those programs might begin and what the schedule might look like?


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