South Bend Community Rowing is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located in South Bend, Indiana on the beautiful St. Joseph River.

Founded in 2017, the organization offers several programs, including coxswain development, learn-to-row, return-to-row, masters rowing, and novice rowing, plus conditioning programs during the winter months.  Future plans include additional community programs such as recovery on water rows for cancer survivors and veterans rowing.

The organization is affiliated with South Bend Scullers and Paddlers, with which it shares the South Bend Boathouse, located at the Gov. Joe Kernan Viewing Park on Northside Boulevard. The boathouse is leased to the groups by the City of South Bend Venues, Parks, and Arts.

We row a variety of distances that are outlined on this map of St. Joseph River rowing routes.

Membership is open to all persons age 18 and over. For membership information, please contact us at crew@sbcrowing.org. Follow us on social media