Programs and Membership

South Bend Community Rowing offers programs for members and non-members who wish to learn more about rowing and basic rowing skills. Please review the programs below and then sign up for the Non-Member Program or Member Program that matches your skill level and interests. Our programs are open to those age 18 and over, except for the Coxswain Development program, which is also open to those ages 16 and 17. Questions? Call Dan Pawelski at 574-621-1916 or send an email to

Non-Member Programs

Corporate Team Building

In a 4 hour session, learn basic rowing technique on an erg (rowing machine) and get on the water with Masters rowers for a team building rowing experience. For further information email


Learn rowing basics in this six-session program, with professional instruction from University of Notre Dame crew coaches.

Cost – Cost for the 2023 season is $200. Participants who choose to join the Novice Rowing program after completion of Learn-to-Row will pay an additional fee and must also join U.S. Rowing.

Schedule: The Learn-to-Row program begins in June and runs for three consecutive weeks, with two sessions per week. Check our calendar for exact dates and times.

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Visiting Rowers

Experienced rowers visiting South Bend are welcome to join us for up to three rows without charge depending on seat availability.  Visiting rowers must provide proof of membership in  U.S. Rowing. Please contact Dan Pawelski at 574-621-1916 or send an email to

Member Programs

Masters Rowing

Masters Rowing is for rowers 18 years or older with at least one year of rowing experience.  Our Masters program offers recreational and competitive rowing opportunities.

Schedule:  The Masters Rowing program for 2023 will begin at the end of April, weather permitting. Rows will be held on Monday and Wednesday evenings at 6:00PM and Saturday morning at 9:00AM. through the month of May. The schedule may or may not change beginning in June.

Requirements: While not inclusive, the following is required of all rowing in the Masters program.

  1. Active membership in US Rowing including the signing of their online waiver. Join at U.S. Rowing and select South Bend Community Rowing as your club.
  2. Verify review of South Bend Community Rowing 2023 Safety Manual. The Safety Manual is available on this website under the Welcome section on the home page.
  3. Be Fully Vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus in accordance with CDC guidelines.

Cost:  $400 for Individual Masters Rowing; $200 for Student Masters Rowing. A student is defined as a person attending an accredited institution as an undergraduate.

If you are new to the South Bend Community Rowing Master’s program or wish to update information please fill out the registration form below or email

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Novice Rowing

The Novice Rowing program is for beginning rowers who have completed the Learn-to-Row program. Participants receive instruction from qualified instructors during on the water sessions.

Costs for 2023 is$200. Participants must also join U.S. Rowing. 

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday evenings. July through September.

Registration: Click here to be notified when registration opens.

Coxswain Development

The coxswain does not row, but serves as the captain of the crew, steering the boat and overseeing the rhythm of the rowers. As the coxswain, you’ll develop and exercise leadership skills, while enjoying the sport of rowing and the beauty of the river. Learn more in this short video, The rowing coxswain – explained.

Our two-part coxswain development program is designed to help you explore this important rowing role.

Cost: There is no charge for this program. If you choose to continue with one of our other programs, you will then pay the fee for that program.

For information contact Mary Alice Reid via email at

Registration: Please complete our Coxswain Development Registration